Umekawa ichinosuke

He was a dancer. He was from Hita City, Oita Prefecture. He was transferred to a dancer based on Japanese dance in 2016 after serving as a Tokyo ballet team and Kabuki actor. His master was Tamasaburo TOGASHI, a national treasure. Through Japanese dance both at home and abroad, a new breeze is blown. He displayed and appeared as a Japanese dancer in the 2020 Olympic NHK Planning Portrait Message, the 2021 Tokyo Skytree <Tree of Hope>, and in the footage of landing on the entire JAL Line. He was born in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, Sakamoto Takuya Singer Songwriter. The 2020 TV Asahi Olympics Support Song was participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympics and other commendation ceremony for Olympic athletes, and the theater group Shiki “Cat’s-Cats-” with a chorus in the Japanese-language version of the movie. In addition, he is in charge of appearing in TBS audition program “sing!sing!sing!” and the theme song of KFB Fukushima broadcasting × UX Niigata TV 21 joint production program, and the ending theme song of TV Asahi affiliated KFB Fukushima broadcasting “Yodides”. Avenue Production Established in 2017, is an entertainment production specializing in the disabled. “The main cast of Down syndrome appeared in a NHK drama, “”I didn’t love it because I’m a family, but I loved it was my family.””” In addition, many disabled actors appear in TBS, Nippon TV, NHK dramas, variety shows, movies, and the stage. In the entertainment school and Avenny School, many persons with disabilities who are culture-oriented and professionally oriented are taking courses.