11 As we enter the year
For the Fukuoka Christmas Market

Evolve into “Christmas Advent.”



People who visit Fukuoka are filled with love,
Illuminated with hope and light,
Everyone in the town has a good year,
I pray that I can spend my days in peace.
I put this wish in my logo.

The Fukuoka Christmas Market Executive Committee, which plans and operates the Fukuoka Christmas Market, will change its generic name, which has been loved as a winter scene, in the 11th year of 2023. The name that has been popular as the “Fukuoka Christmas Market” is the name of the bases in the Hakata and Tenjin areas.

●What is Advent?
Advent refers to the preparation period until Christmas. It is derived from the Latin word “Adventus,” which means “coming” or “coming,” and means “waiting for Christmas. It means “waiting for Christmas.
The period is from Sunday 4 weeks ago to December 24, counting from December 25. During the period, we will prepare trees, prepare adventure calendars, pull out and open windows one by one every day, and increase our Christmas mood.