Introducing the 2023 mug!

A limited-quantity mug with a changing design every year, enough to attract some collectors.
I really want to have the earmuff cups, each with their own unique design, as a memory of this year.
Count down to Christmas by cutting off one day at a time! “Advent Scratch Mug”
The ‘Rainy Day Mug’, which can only be purchased on rainy days, has appeared!

Advent Scratchmer
[Sell on site]
This is an Advent calendar mug with a stylish illustration. Let’s enjoy Christmas while being excited about what will happen today!

Scheduled for sale from 11/17
[1 piece] 3000 yen
※This product is sold as a mug only and does not include drinks.

It’s a rainy day
[Tenjin, Chuo Koen, VIP House]
A special mug made by Satoshi Tanaka. Sold on weekdays and when it rains. Sales notices are announced on the website.
[1 piece] 1,500 yen
So that you can enjoy it with a warm drink.
Beverages have now been included!

Shibata Industrial presents CHRISTMAS MARKET in Hikari no Machi ver.

This year’s design motif is ‘Ivy’. The vines that spread out and grow continuously reflect the wish to prevent the bonds and connections between people from being lost.


Enjoy Christmas with the official character “San-chan”!

QTnet presents Hikari Forest

This mug features illumination inspired by Tenjin Juokoen and Aano Cave, which were newly added starting this year.

KBC 70th Anniversary FESTA de SANTA

Santas from all over the world gather in front of the VIP building! This cup is a collaboration with KBC’s 70th anniversary.

Christmas Gate Park in Fukuoka University Huge Density

Drawn by Mr. Nakamura Nakamura!
The guardian god Daemyung’s dog that lives in the forest of “Fukuoka Daemyung Density” appears in the Christmas version!

Omaru Fukuoka Tenjin Branch Elgara Passage Square

Marche Christmas
Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall