The main visual was created by chichi tanaka.

Chichi tanaka drew the main visual again this year.
The title of the film is “People Waiting in the Tree.

We asked him about his thoughts on this painting.

Continuing from the year before and last year, I am drawing a scene in the forest. This year’s work is titled “People Waiting in Trees”. My perception of Corona, which had been the object of my fear, has gradually changed. The number of people coming and going from Japan and abroad has gradually increased, and I have developed a different feeling from the stagnation I have felt for the past few years. However, I feel that there is still an atmosphere of having to suppress the emotions of happiness and fun. I wondered if the people in the painting had been climbing up trees to see what was going on here for a long time, or if they had climbed up trees under these circumstances, and I drew it in the hope that it would be something that would allow the people who saw the painting to project their own thoughts.

Chichi TANAKA (painter)

Born in 1980, lives and works in Fukuoka City. Graduated from tama art university in 2005, majoring in oil Painting, department of Painting. He started his career as an artist based in Fukuoka in 2006. In addition to holding numerous solo exhibitions in Fukuoka and Tokyo, he has participated in exhibitions in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, and other countries. On a striking black background, he uses people and animals as motifs to create a fantastic depiction of the landscape in his mind. He has also done many cover art for books, and is now one of Fukuoka’s leading artists.