A band from Sapporo, Hokkaido. It was formed by Iwabe EBATA (Vo&Gt), Kazuya TAKEDA (Ba) and Suke HIRODA (Dr), who were classmates of elementary schools, and later Kenji KAWAMURA (Gt) joined to become present-day members. It is named ‘ Three-Wing Aircraft ~ TRIPLANE ~ ‘ (an airplane with three wings) because he wants to flap the big sky with his companions in his favorite music. It is characterized by a melody work with a high degree of perfection by Ehata who composes almost all the songs and composes lyrics, as well as realistic lyrics cut from everyday life. Due to the high quality of the songs, numerous songs have been used as tie-ups, including “Brand New Day” in the theme song of “Kamen Rider Geo NEXT TIME Gates, Majesti”, the ending theme of the animation “ONE PIECE” “Dear friends” and “Ichiban Boshi”, “Dream Maker”, “Kimi no Utaboku no Uta”, which was employed for three consecutive years in the Hokkaido area CM song of Sapporo Brewery, and “Together with the theme song of the Hokkaido Japan Ham Fighters “10th Season Project”. Each member is also rich in individuality and has many outstanding skills and hobbies, and they are working to expand the range of exchange relationships regardless of genre. In January 2019, Kenji Kawamura (Gt), who had been working with him for 14 years, withdrew from the conversation because of changes in the way they looked into the future. KJ, which has been working together as a support guitar since 2019, joined TRIPLANE as an official member since January 1, 2021. He was also appointed as ‘ Ambassador of Mihoro Tourist Products, ‘ and he energetically carried out activities to convey the charms of his local Hokkaido. From February 2023, FM Hokkaido AIR’-G has been broadcasting regular radio “Spirit Flight” every Tuesday at 25:00. Since April 2023, we have moved to Sun Music Records and will continue to strive for the 40th anniversary of our 20th anniversary. The rise in the three-wing aircraft is still ongoing.