This is a special Christmas Advent collaboration stage between the twin vocal unit “the LACK” and the soprano “Risa Kyokuo”. A male-female twin vocal unit consisting of Sachi he LACK and Miccino. The two met at Tokyo College of Music and performed together since their school days, and after graduation, they formed a music unit and toured Tokyo and other parts of Japan to give concerts. The harmonies of Sachi’s singing voice, which she cultivated as an opera-singer in Miccino, and Hibiki’s JAZZ and POP, which she worked on after graduating from music college, add a sense of glamour to the hall. Risa magao (Soprano) born in kagoshima Prefecture. She has been a student of Uwe Heilmann, Miwako Matsumoto, and Titianna Ducati at the 22nd and 23rd Kagoshima High School Music Competition, and won the 52nd Excellence Award and the 53rd Excellence Award at the Rentaro Taki Memorial All Japan High School Vocal Music Competition. In 2016, she gave her first solo recital in her hometown of Kagoshima, which was well received.