Tamagawa Maina & Miccino

Christmas Advent Special Collaboration Stage by Vocalist Maina Tamagawa and Miccino ●Maina Tamagawa She began learning to sing at the age of four and graduated at the top of her class from the Department of Vocal Music at Aichi Prefectural University of Arts. In 2014, she started her YouTube channel “maina”, and “I tried singing with Princess Mononoke Key+5” became a hot topic. It has been viewed over 3760000 times and was introduced on Mezamashi TV. The number of subscribers to the channel is currently 47000. In 2019, she passed an audition for the Shiki Theatre Company and appeared in “The Bells of Notre Dame”. She has performed with SING LIKE TALKING Takezen Sato, voice actress Yoriko Suzuki for the role of Cinderella in the Disney movie Cinderella, and Junko Yagami, the queen of Japanese AOR. With the conviction that he wants to heal and move people through music, he is involved in musicals, J-POP, Disney, Ghibli, classical music, and other genre-agnostic music activities. ● She has also debuted in Italy as a multi-singer opera singer who can sing everything from Miccino pop to opera. She has also been active as a pop singer, singing at Yokohama Arena. In addition to singing, he also produces classical concerts.