Under the theme of “a music laboratory for playing classical music,” the piano and violin duo mash up (i.e., fuse) classic songs that everyone knows with various music and environmental sounds, and continue their concert activities that are enjoyable not only to listen to but also to watch. He has often appeared on music programs such as “Untitled Concert” and “Lalala Classic,” and has performed with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra. In recent years, he has become a regular on the educational program “Ongaku Bravo” on NHK E TV, a guest at the national competition of NHK National School Music Competition (N-Con), and a serialist in the music educational magazine “Musicanova” (Ongaku no Tomo-sha). He has also produced many works on the theme of “railroads,” including CM for JR Tokai and other related music. He has also served as a personality for a radio program on the theme of railroads (FM NACK5 “Sugitetsu no GRAND NACK RAILROAD”), and won the Excellence Prize in the Radio Entertainment Division of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in 2012. The album “Run! Yume no Cho Tokkyu Band” released in 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tokaido Shinkansen won the “Shining! Japan Record Award Planning Award”. From 2022, it will also be used as the in-train chime for the new “HC85 Series” trains operated on the limited express “Hida”. With the motto of “creating smiles with classical music,” he performs more than 100 stages a year all over Japan.