Miki yashima

October 2014. I threw away everything that had been there. Empty, shelled out, and withdrawn. I wanted to get out of those days. Suddenly, I saw a beautiful blue sky through the window… and I ran out with my guitar in my arms. Five year’s have passed since then. I live on the street to earn a living. I had nothing but music. “Live (live) with music” My own song will eventually become a song for everyone. I love to see people connect with my songs. I want to be a rainbow bridge between people, connected by my songs, connected by my songs. The activities for the goal are repeated challenges (although there are times when I feel down). Live performances on the street are part of this policy, and I sing somewhere almost every day. I want you to listen to my songs first! I want to graduate from live performances on the street for a living, and become a singer-songwriter who connects people and makes my dreams become the dreams of my fans.