Kunika nagabuchi

Graduated from soprano nagasaki prefectural nagasaki nishi high school and katsusui Women’s University, faculty of Music, department of vocal Music. Completed graduate school at fukuoka university of Education. He has appeared as a major cast member in many operas and as a soloist in religious songs, and has performed with the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra and many other orchestras. She has appeared in the Across Opera for Children 10 times so far. She played the role of Adele in the operetta “Die Fledermaus” in the 50th anniversary performance of the Fukuoka Citizen’s Art Festival “Celebration” (Orchestra: Kyushu Symphony Orchestra). He was invited to perform at the Busan Art Festival in Korea and performed with the Busan Symphony Orchestra. He is currently a director of the West Japan Opera Association. He is a member of Fukuoka Zoristen. Conductor of “Nishiko Chorus”. He is the leader of “Wajiro de Ninth”. She is a emergency teacher at Kyushu Women’s University and Junior College.