Akiko Kubota & Ishihara Mari

After going through Onaka Graduate School of Naka and High Music, Onaka University of Kuroda, graduated from the Performance Science Department of the Faculty of Musical Science, Kiriho University. Received the Grand Prize at the 22nd Fukuoka Prefectural High School Music Competition. 06′ The prefectural governor’s prize (highest in the piano category) was awarded at the Kitakyushu Art Festival. 12′ Accompaniment Award in the same art festival. Received the Grand Prize at the 36th Nagasaki New Personnel Conference. Currently, Kyushu plays solo, indoor music, and accompaniment pianiment as a base, and provides guidance for astern playing. Originated in Maebashi City, Ishihara Marumi Gunma Prefecture. Graduated from Belgian Namur Roof Music Institute (I.M.E.P) for cello indoor music. Seiji Ozawa Music School and Kyushu Symphonic Radio (2015-2022) are going through the Asia-use orchestra, and the orchestra is being refined. At present, with Fukuoka at the base, the Fukuoka Minana Concert will be planned with a focus on various projects, including solo activities, visiting performances, and visitor performances, in order to further expand the base of music in order to deliver the strength, appeal, and enjoyment of music to all generations while expressing the idea of peaceful movement through cello. Please follow up on your support and Instagram if necessary. @mari_ishihara_cello instruments: Ishihara pure bow made in 2023: Geroges Tepho made in 2006