Akiko hashimoto & asuka aichi

He was born in Tokyo, Aichi , and was born on April 9, 1988. In 2011, he graduated from the Instruments Department, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of Art. In 2019, the company released its first mini-album, “Daydream,” which includes the TV Asahi FigureScale Ancem “Winter Tale,” with all music tie-ups. In 2020, he participated in various artists’ songs as strings, such as participating in the 40th anniversary album of Shoko Matsuda’s debut in Violin. In 2021, the company released JTB Cruise Ambassador OCEANS OF LOVE, ED thematic song “Kaze” of the Japanese Chicara, the Kochicosume C M tie-up song “One Life”, the rainbow forecast, 2nd mini album “R A I N B O W”, C M tie-up song “Lilac” and “You are loved”, and the Meiho Ham C M tie-up song “WORLD PARADE” in 2023. In September 2022, the company began continuous distribution of the Classic Cover Series. After graduating from the Department of Vocal Music, Hashimoto National Music University in , the classical unit “Dualis” was formed. While playing on Japanese TV, Tokyo Opera City, and luxury passenger ships, I began to feel the importance of entertainment in classics. Later, he established Dual-Res Music Co., Ltd. and produced a number of professional classical units. At present, he works as a singer and a pianist, and he also performs concert performances. In April 2019, he made a major debut in Voices, an album from King Records, as a leader in Luminous, a four-member vocal group that is active in the media, such as TV shows, radio newspapers, and so on. He has been engaged in a wide range of activities, including singing the Tokyo Olympic TV Asahi theme song “Luminous Sky” and the Tokyo Olympic TV Asahi main theme “CANDO by TEAM SHUZO.” In the summer of 2023, he appeared as Miss Jiro on the Koizumi Today’s production stage “Pieta” and took the first step as an actress.