Good night, Marche.

Tenjin Underground Street is full of Christmas events.
From December 13 (Wednesday) to 15 (Friday),
Recommended by Tencha restaurants and food stores
You can enjoy drinks and snacks with a sense of standing and drinking.
The “Otsukaresa Marche” is held!

Familiar with the Tenjin Christmas market
We will also be selling original mugs limited to the Tenjin underground shopping mall!
(I’ll pour some hot wine and give it to you.)

Make sure to stop at the return of work and shopping!

■Marche’s Christmas to be picked up
Period: December 13, 2023 (Wednesday) to 15 (Friday) 16:00~21:00(L.O20:30 of each day
Location: first street event corner

From Friday, December 1st to Thursday, 14th,
“For the first 300 customers who buy more than 2,000 yen at Tenjin Christmas market general merchandise stores, we will give you a “”Tenchika coupon (500 yen worth)”” available at Tenjin underground shops!”