“thank you project” held at festa de santa (plaza in front of the guest house)

Kyushu Sangyo University students contribute to society through Christmas Advent

At the Christmas Adventure, students from Kyushu Sangyo University will run the Sunqueue Project, a project that develops, sells, and operates products developed by themselves through store openings at Christmas Adventure as part of classes.
Thirty students divide themselves into teams, such as what they sell at stores, companies that place orders, and ways of advertising, and work by thinking and learning by themselves to improve their skills for sustainable and practical use and raise their awareness of SDGs.

■We are sending out the store details and activities on Instagram!
6 days from 12/11 (Monday) to 17 (Sunday)

They also participate in beach cleanup activities, visit the Christmas market in front of Hakata Station and the city hall, determine their own characters, and give gifts to children in the facilities for sales at the store openings in Christmas markets.

Festa de Santa (plaza in front of the Guest House)
December 11-december 17 business hours: weekdays 17:00-22:00/saturdays, sundays and holidays 12:00-22:00

Project members
30 students, mainly first and second graders, from Kyushu Sangyo University
Keisuke maki associate professor, department of regional development, faculty of regional co-creation, kyushu sangyo university
General producer gakuhiro saiki