Let’s make Christmas ornaments using marine plastic, shells, and pine cones collected from the beach clean!

The Christmas Advent was launched in 2023 in earnest.

As a new start in its 11th year, Fukuoka Christmas Market is working with SDGs as a key word to provide a chance for as many people as possible to feel happy while working with diverse networks. As part of these activities, we have developed beach cleanup activities through the collection of drifting marine trash and fishing nets, and produced Christmas trees using these materials. We will promote the project in cooperation with the general incorporated association Doveta.

In addition, the collected marine plastics, shells, pine bowls, etc. will be held at the Tenjin Central Park hall of the Fukuoka Christmas Market, which will be held in November and December of this year, and a workshop will be held in which the fishing nets can be decorated on the reused Gyomo Christmas tree as an original ornament for you only.

Event Details

<Date and time>
September 23 (Saturday and holidays)
Shingu Beach, shingu Town, fukuoka prefecture (Shingu Beach)

<Gathering location>
Nishitetsu Shingu Eki-mae

General (Primary and preschool children are accompanied by parents)

<Things to bring>
Hat, water bottle, gloves, tongs, colander, and other bags for carrying home marine plastic and pine cones

<How to participate>
We have information on the pre-application Fukuoka Christmas market or SNS of the idobuta.

※Please be careful of heat stroke *There is no parking lot. Use public transportation.

<Event Cooperation>
Onko Honpo Co., Ltd./Fukuoka FUN, General Foundation