Appointed two “Bariyawa Tonkotsu” as PR ambassadors for Christmas Advent

The two members of TikTok unit “Bariyawa Tonkotsu”, which has more than 490000 followers, have been appointed as public relations ambassadors for Christmas Advent.
We will work together to make Christmas Advent more exciting by developing Christmas ver of popular love situation videos in TikTok・Youtube.

Rikiya Tokotsu
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. In December 2021, the unit “Bari Watonkotsu” was formed.
“””Na Fukuoka Girls”” buzz at TikTok, achieving 0.3 million followers.”
Today, it was regenerated about 400 million times on its own Youtube channel, and there were two regular programs in Fukuoka, which was a dream at the time of its formation. (As of September, 23)