I’m going to watch Nani next time! ~BS Asahi Event Search TV” came to cover the event!

11/22 (Wed.) I came to cover BS Asahi’s “I’m going to watch Nani! ~BS Asahi Event Search TV” for Christmas Advent. Yufu Terashima, an idol who loves loose characters, meets Saeki and San-chan, the general producer. It conveys a lot of Christmas Advent charm!Scheduled to air BS asahi december 1, 2023 (friday) 24:30-25:00 midnight program outline BS asahi’s new event information introduction program! ~ BS asahi event search TV ~ we introduce a wide range of information on concert tours and live performances held in japan as soon as possible! in addition, it is full of interviews with gorgeous artists! you will definitely want to go after watching the program! this is a program introducing information on new events of asahi!