Star Christmas, an annual collaboration item with Nakamura Nobutaka, a Nakamura doll (Star Christmas)

Limited sale on Dec. 6
Launched at 17:00 at three venues: Hakata, Tenjin and Daimyo!

200 sheets at each venue
4800 yen per sheet
New Diameter Approx. 15.2cm (5mm)
With pan and box

In Europe, December 6th is a special day called “St. Nicholas Day” every year. Do you know the wonderful story of St. Nicholas, the origin of Santa Claus? When he found out that a daughter was too poor to marry, he saved her by throwing gold coins from the chimney of her house. It is said that the gold coin happened to fall into a sock that was hanging out by the fireplace. This story became the basis for the story of Santa Claus entering through the chimney of a house and putting gifts in the socks prepared by the children.
Ear plates are available this year. It depicts a Santa boy enjoying Christmas. This year’s event is titled “Star Christmas.” We sincerely hope that you will welcome it into your home as a new lucky charm.

Director of the japan craft association
Holder of Fukuoka Prefecture Intangible Cultural Property
Visiting Professor, kyushu sangyo university museum of art
Mr. nobutaka nakamura

Biography of nobutaka nakamura
In 1957
From Fukuoka City
Kyushu sangyo university faculty of art
Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture (wood carving).
In 1983
He became a disciple of komao hayashi.
In 1985
Selected for the first time at the Traditional Craft Doll Exhibition
In 1991
Awarded the japan craft association prize at the traditional craft doll exhibition
In 1997
Awarded the director general of the agency for cultural affairs prize at the traditional craft doll exhibition
In 1999
Awarded the prince takamatsu memorial prize at the japan traditional crafts exhibition
In 2006
Fukuoka prefecture culture award (creativity category)
Pola award for excellence in traditional culture
Audience with pope and presentation of works (statue of mancio ito)
In 2012
Invited exhibition at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa “Craft Future School”
In 2013
Fukuoka city cultural award
In 2021
Awarded the encouragement prize at the 68th japan traditional crafts exhibition